# About Us

# What is JetPack?

JetPack is a web development framework that uses bash shell as a backend language, in the same way VueJs, Angular, React, and many out there uses JavaScript. Alternatively, JetPack uses shell just the way Django uses python as its backend language for manipulation of the client side.

Sometimes you just want to create a site with no serverside embedded data. For instance documentation website, landing pages, portoflios, and what have you. In fact the site you are reading now was generated using JetPack, with some inspirations from VueJs official website. This is therefore a living proof that these are the kind of tasks that shouldn't waste any of your time and money. JetPack will harness its magic to create a site for you, literally within seconds.One of the cool things you can do with JetPack is generate static sites out of the box. In fact upon installing, you are ready to go, as the next thing is to key in the navigation bar items into its dedicated comand line interface (CLI).

Application programming interfaces (API) have recently become the backbone of web development. APIs enable easy incorporation of backend data onto the client side and vise versa. With this notion therefore, JetPack comes preinstalled with a complete demo on how to fetch data from API endpoints without delays. Our tool comes with a DEMO page named "apifetch-demo", which enables getting of data from any API url, or locally available *.json file. It's real-time capability is enable by an infinite loop that is used to read the information from the server, write them to an html file, and discard after a set loop (sleep) time. Upon expiry of the sleep time, the file is deleted and a fresh one is created with newer information. Users should be aware of the rate at which information is fetched from the server, set sleep time with a variable "delay" under the scripts directory 1-5 seconds was used for the trials and worked best for that specific API endpoint provided by the European Central Bank (ECB). In you case however, check with the server administrator to agree on the delay time. This is IMPORTANT! as when delay is set too short, the application will force the server to throttle the rate in which data is distributed to your local machine.

# Why JetPack?

JetPack is therefore a foundational framework leveraging all bash shell and Unix capabilities to give you a state-of-the-art static site generator, and API endpoint fetcher. Here we are referring to portability of bash, richness in regular expression (regex) libraries, accessibility to the filing systems, and the light-weightedness of bash shell. The application uses heredocuments to create script templates for you to start out with. All these enables JetPack to come up with above two main purposes that most modern developers are intrigued about. The name of the platform is therefore derived from the traditional JetPack symbol (#!/bin/env) well known for Unix/Linux bash shell scripts.

# Mision

We aspire to revolutionize the web development experience, bringing new dimensions to easen your coding while at the same providing a light framework that is less expensive both computationally and timewise. In that sense you will then be able to concentrate on actual coding of the backend and be less concerned of the client side.

# Vision

JetPack is currently available only for X86-64 linux (all distros) and Windows 64-bit users. Depending on the levels of reception and demand, we will soon be launching a fully integrated system with plans to very quickly build on for other platforms such as MacOS, bringing new levels of quality and variety. Since we do not intend to commercialize JetPack, we urge developers out there to join us and be part of our success story through collaboration, code contribution, donations, and what have you.